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Wrocław is nice city.  Wrocław was founded in the IX-X centuries. The surface of this town is about 293 km ². In Wroclaw, home to about 631 377 people.

In Wrocław, more than eight thousand historic buildings representing historical styles from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, which the local authorities are trying to under special revitalization programs successfully undergo renovations. It is the largest such cluster of historic buildings in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. These tenements represent styles ranging from Baroque through classicism, historicism, Art Nouveau through to Modernism. Many buildings presents a high architectural and aesthetic qualities. In some cases, these are all strings stored streets historicizing architecture as measuring and even street children Father Stanislaw Staszic Nadodrze on the estate.

Wrocław hosted the European Football Championships Men 1963 and 2009, the UEFA European Women's Volleyball Cup 2009, UEFA Euro 2012, and will host the World Cup Men's Volleyball 2014 European Championship in Men's Handball Championship 2016, World Games 2017, and will be European Capital of Culture 2016.

The most popular sports club in the city is Śląsk Wroclaw - Polish champion in 1977 and 2012. Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw
Wroclaw is the Olympic Stadium, but was never organized the Olympic Games.
The city was one of the four Polish cities, which were played in the UEFA European Football men UEFA Euro 2012. Matches were held at Municipal Stadium.
The city has a horse racing track (in Poland there are only 3), it is located in Partynice.
Every year in Wroclaw Marathon takes place.
In 2014 in Wrocław will take place in the World Cup Men's Volleyball 2014.
In 2017, the city will host the World Games 2017 competition.

Sports teams of Wrocław :
o   WKK Wrocław- Basketball
o   Sparta Wrocław- Speedway
o   Śląsk Wrocław- football
o    WKS Śląsk Wrocław – swim
o   Gwardia Wrocław- volleyball
And much, much more …

Wrocław in night. :)

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