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Hi Sweden !!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Przemek.I want you show my town.I live in Toruń.This town is beautiful.
I present to you a few buildings.
Old Town Hall. Built in 1399 to replace a wooden house from 1259, the trade in the years 1602-1603 Comprehensive.Dąmbskich palace (Sailing Street.) Baroque building of 1693, with rich stucco decoration, built by Bishop Stanislaw Kazimierz Dąmbskiego Kujawski. In 1815, it housed the Hotel Gdansk. Currently, the Faculty of Fine Arts University.Caesar Bow Street Piekary. Baroque town house in the first half of the eighteenth century in the lower tier pierced passage in 1911. Architect of this project was Karl Caesar, hence the current name.
That would be enough.
My name is Amanda I am 13 years .Toruń A beautiful city situated on the Vistula River a remarkable monuments .Visiting toruń should also see the town hall where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Should also see the house of Copernicus.Being in the old town you can see a house under the Star.Anyone can try our gingerbread.At the entrance to the Old Town from the street market Chelmno erected in 2005, a small statue of a dog Filusia. monument  is a tribute to the draftsman Zbigniew Lengrenowi . In Toruń, you can stil lsee the ruins of the castle of the Teutonic Knights from the 13th century .  Toruń is a
 very interesting city with monuments to visit the toruń is a very interesting city with monuments to visit the citymiasto

Monday, 25 February 2013

I have lived in Torun, since I was six months old, and I really like this town. I live in a high-rise block. It is located very close to the school I attend, which is very convenient. There are a lot of shops in the vicinity, I usually do shopping with my parents in the retail park Copernicus, which is not far from the place where I live. My town features a variety of cinemas, theatres, parks and other interesting places. We have a beautiful Old Town, where I like to walk with my friend. Torun was a place where the famous mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in 1473; Torun is also well-known for gingerbread, which is associated with a legend. If you are interested in that, I recommend a search work. I am very happy to live here, perhaps some day you will happen to visit Torun. Ewa J.

Hello ;)

Hi, I am Ola and I 13 years old. I live in Toruń city begin famous for gingerbreads. There are many monuments in Toruń so as the Krzywa Wieża. There are also many museums which it is possible to tour in this city. A monument Flisaka is also located in Toruń. Toruń is a wonderful and interesting city. I recommend you the trip to this city. :)
My name is Kajetan and I have 12 years old. I have 3 pets : 1 dog and  2 cats. My favourite sport is karate and football. I like animals, computer games. I live in Toruń. I like Reggae and my favourite singer is Ras Luta. I love Polish - this is my favourite cuntry.


                                                                                                                           Kajetan Z.

opis torunia

toruń is a city full of monuments. here is a beautiful old town and the house Copernicus. toruń flows by the longest river in Poland wisła. beautiful monument in Torun, a city hall. tourists happy to watch the sights. Here are the ruins of the castle of the Teutonic Knights and the leaning tower. when people come here to buy the Toruń gingerbread. when you arrive to Torun to August in love with him like everyone else. parks, forests here are amusement parks, but only in the summer. I encourage you to come! ♥



Town with county rights in Kujawsko-Pomeranian. Right-bank part of the city lies in the Pomerania region , the left-bank part is located on the Kujawy. The city is situated on the Vistula River and Drwęcą. Big economic, cultural and scientific.
Since 1999, the seat of Speaker of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie, the seat of the regional government authorities, the Board Kujawsko-Pomerania, Western Pomeranian Regional Assembly and their subordinate units. Residence of the mayor of the district of Toruń. In the years 1920-1939 the capital of Pomerania, in the years 1945-1975 in the province of Bydgoszcz (in the years 1945-1950, it bore the name of the province. Pomeranian), in the years 1975-1998 capital of the province of Torun.
It is one of the oldest Polish cities. Since 1992, Toruń is the seat of the Diocese of Torun curia. In 1997, a team of Torun Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and since 2004 is a nationwide established the League of Polish Cities List. Torun Old Town in 2007 in a poll of the Republic has been recognized as one of the seven wonders of the Polish. Torun Old Town Hall Square and took third place by the readers of the Polish edition of National Geographic Poland for 30 most beautiful places in the world.

Ola S.

Mój toruń

Hey, I'm Martyna.Mam 12 years and I want to tell you a little about my city toruniu.W are interesting monuments, among others: the ruins of the castle of the Teutonic Knights, a monument to the astronomer Mikołaja Kopernika, Old Town Hall, a monument Rafter, the star of the house and museum of the famous gingerbread toruńskimi  gingerbread.
Hi my name is Filip.I would like to describe one of the most beautiful cities in Polish Toruń.Toruń is fantactic. Is located here monument Mikołaja Kopernika and town hall. I love this city and I would not want it to leave.

Toruń LoL

Hi, my name is Patrick live in Toruń, and i think that it's worth coming here because you can learn about the history of gingerbread in Poland Toruń is a city which lies on the poland

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hello ! Torun is a fantasic  city.Torun is famous not only for its gingerbread  and Copernicus but also from museums. Among the museums its the ethnographic museum, the Museum of the name Tony Halik, a gingerbread Museum, Museum weapons, etc. My favourite musuem is The museum of name Tony Halik .There are loads of interesting exhibition with his trip. I like the gingerbread museum , because you can do there gringerbread yourself.  The best regards to museums in the night of the museums. Then all of the museums are open to 24. It's great that in Torun are the museums, you can find out many interesting things.

my beautiful city - Thorn

  Hi my name is Oliwia. I live in a beautiful city. Toruń i an amazing and old city. It was setin the 28 th of December 1233 . There and many gothic monuments here. The most famous  the linning  tower ,town hall and saint Johjn's church.
   The linning tower was bulit by one of Teutonic Knights as a punisch for his sins. The town hall was bulit in the centre of the old square. It looks a calendar. The tower is a symbol of one year, four small towers on the corners of the town hall are of the smbol four seasons. Anol he qualintity of windows is the same as the number  of days in a year. The saind John's church is famous for its age becouse it is one the oldest churches in the city. What is more? There is a know bellin the tower of the church. The bell is caled  Tuba Dei and it belongs to the langest bells in the Poland after the Zygmunt's bell in Kraków.
   I am proud that I live in Toruń  becouse its monuments were register on the specjal list of  UNESCO.
Hi my name is Adam . I live in Toruń . My city is lacated on the Vistual River . It is famous for gingerbread. Toruń is an old and historic city.

Hi! My name is Kacper. I'm 13 years old. I live in Toruń. Toruń is very, very exciting. Was born in Torun, a famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Torun is famous for it's gingerbread. Torun's most famous landmark is the leaning tower. Flows through our city the largest river in Poland, Wisła.

Sports team in Toruń:

  • Unibax Toruń - speedway,
  • Elana Toruń - football,
  • TKS-T Budowlani Toruń - volleyball,
  • KST Energa-Manekin Toruń - tennis table,
  • MMKS Siden Toruń - basketball,
  • MMKS Katarzynki - baketball.
   Hi! I'm Marta and I'm 12 years old. I live in beautiful city - Toruń. This city has a much monuments. Here are some of them:- The Teutonic Castle,- The Old City Hall,- Artus Court,- Copernicus' House,- The Star Residence,- The Leaning Tower,- Granaries and Theatres.   Torun is known for its gingerbread. They are really delicious!    Torun is a big river - Wisła.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Marta S. :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hi colleagues from Laholmu.

I thought that maybe we'll talk myself through skype program is among the national program to talk. The comments will be a link to download it, and who will have already installed it let him write his name in the comments of your account. To see.
                                                                                                                              Bartosz Żuchowski PL 


My name is Aga and I'm 12 years old. I live in Toruń, in Poland. Poland is nice country. There are many historic sites and beautiful scenery.Tatra mountains, Baltic sea, just like we. We also have many lakes such as Śniardwy, Wigry.Ours interesting cities this:Gdańsk with Neptune, Warsaw with Palace of Culture and Marmaid,Krakow with Wawel Dragon and Toruń -Copernicus cites with a big town hall and the river Wisłą.
                                                                                          grettings from the city famous astronome.


Wrocław is nice city.  Wrocław was founded in the IX-X centuries. The surface of this town is about 293 km ². In Wroclaw, home to about 631 377 people.

In Wrocław, more than eight thousand historic buildings representing historical styles from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, which the local authorities are trying to under special revitalization programs successfully undergo renovations. It is the largest such cluster of historic buildings in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. These tenements represent styles ranging from Baroque through classicism, historicism, Art Nouveau through to Modernism. Many buildings presents a high architectural and aesthetic qualities. In some cases, these are all strings stored streets historicizing architecture as measuring and even street children Father Stanislaw Staszic Nadodrze on the estate.

Wrocław hosted the European Football Championships Men 1963 and 2009, the UEFA European Women's Volleyball Cup 2009, UEFA Euro 2012, and will host the World Cup Men's Volleyball 2014 European Championship in Men's Handball Championship 2016, World Games 2017, and will be European Capital of Culture 2016.

The most popular sports club in the city is Śląsk Wroclaw - Polish champion in 1977 and 2012. Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw
Wroclaw is the Olympic Stadium, but was never organized the Olympic Games.
The city was one of the four Polish cities, which were played in the UEFA European Football men UEFA Euro 2012. Matches were held at Municipal Stadium.
The city has a horse racing track (in Poland there are only 3), it is located in Partynice.
Every year in Wroclaw Marathon takes place.
In 2014 in Wrocław will take place in the World Cup Men's Volleyball 2014.
In 2017, the city will host the World Games 2017 competition.

Sports teams of Wrocław :
o   WKK Wrocław- Basketball
o   Sparta Wrocław- Speedway
o   Śląsk Wrocław- football
o    WKS Śląsk Wrocław – swim
o   Gwardia Wrocław- volleyball
And much, much more …

Wrocław in night. :)

Wiktoria S. J

Toruń is a great city.

Situated in the old town of Toruń's city hall which houses the Museum District. An architect developed the idea that the town hall will remind calendar. The highest tower of the town hall would mean years, four corner towers four seasons, twelve great halls twelve months, fifty smaller rooms, which meant weeks of the year and three hundred sixty-five windows as days in the year, but here there was a problem. It is known that every four years, followed a leap year, which consisted of the 366 days. Selected so clever solution. Once every four years the city rented a bricklayer, who made an extra hole in one wall of the city hall, the number of windows to match the number of days in a year. After the end of the hole bricked for the next four years.

Friday, 22 February 2013

It was already almost spring. And suddenly out of nowhere and falling snow fell three days.
 I want spring!! 
Season in Poland are beautiful.
<------- This is Polish winter :)

<---------- This is Polish spring :P

<-------- This is Polish summer <3

 <-------- This is Polish autumn :*

 What are the seasons with you?  

                                                                                                                    Natalia :-) (Ania)

Thursday, 21 February 2013


I lived a few years in Gdansk, one of the largest Polish cities. Sopot, Gdynia and Gdańsk form a tri-city. By Gdańsk and Toruń flows for Wisla. The whole city is situated on three-bay of the Baltic Sea.
In Sopot's Top Trendy Festival, but the biggest attraction is the Sopot pier. In Gdynia, newly built one of the tallest buildings in Poland. And in Gdansk is the biggest and best confectionery. Three city is larger than the country's capital of Warsaw.
English Version

Mieszkałem  parę lat w Gdańsku, jednym z największych miast Polski. Sopot,Gdynia i Gdańsk tworzą trój- miasto. Przez Gdańsk jak przez Toruń przepływa Wisła. Całe trój miasto leży na zatoką Morza Bałtyckiego.
W Sopocie jest Top Trendy Festival,ale największą atrakcją Sopotu jest molo. W Gdyni niedawno zbudowali jeden z najwyższych budowli w Polsce. A w Gdańsku jest największa i najlepsza cukiernia. Trój miasto jest większe od stolicy kraju Warszawy.
Polish Version

Łódź, Poland


Łódź is very beautiful city. Łódź is the third city in the country in terms of population registered (725 055 people), and fourth in terms of area (293.25 km ²). Łódź is one of the fastest shrinking Polish cities. In Łódź, there are many interesting old monuments for example :
·        Reinhold Richter's villa
·        Palace of Heinzl
·        Factory Geyer
·        Maurice Poznanski Palace
And much, much more.

In Łódź, Atlas Arena is also where matches are held volleyball, basketball, as well as the concerts. Grandstands can accommodate up to 10.4 thousand people!

Łódź is also a cultural center, full of all kinds of music, theater, literature, art and film. Here is held yearly festivals and dozens. Works here include Theatre. Stefan Jaracz in Łódź, Musical Theatre, drama, children's theater. There is also the Grand Theatre, which is the second largest building of the opera in the country and one of the largest in Europe - more than 1,300 seats. It launched its operations in 1967 and now has a more than 240 premieres. In the current repertoire of the Grand Theatre is located several operas, ballets, operettas - from classical to contemporary works.

In Łódź, there are many sports clubs including :

  • ·        KS Construction Łódź - rugby, volleyball, wrestling, field hockey
  • ·        Bicycle Adventure Łódź Club - Mountain biking
  • ·        Berserkers Team Łódź - bjj, mma, karate
  • ·        WIFAMA Łódź – Volleyball
  • ·        Eagle Łódź – Speedway 
  • and much, much more. 

This is the Łódź late in the evening.

Ola.K    :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Our school's website

The website of our school isn't in English BUT we have an English Corner where some news about what is going on are written, so you can read it in your free time; if you are curious of course ;)


Mrs Lucyna

On the left side of the website you will find the English Corner ;)

Interesting places in Sweden ;)

Hi everybody! ;)

I have never been to Sweden, but summer is comming. Could you tell me something about  interesting places in your country???? Where should I go and what should I see?


Mrs Lucyna ;)

Iza Wer :*

Hi !
It is seven p.m. ten.
I am doing lessons in Polish.
I eat cake and drink tea.
Please comment, what do you do?

Iza :)


Hi! I am Agnes. I like dogs. I most like to Pekingese. And now tell you about them. Dogs come from China. Pekingese are very bad, honestly and stubborn. But dogs are also sweet and happy. Their quality is that they want to a very honorable. I like this. It is their photo:
I hope that you curious.
Agnes. R

Monday, 18 February 2013

Speedway historic

Historic of Toruń's team. 
Speedway motorcycles roared in Toruń as early as 1930, where they raced in classes according to “ Dirt-  track “ engine size. The sport, called “ Dirt-  track “  at the time, carried on in Toruń up until World War II. Immediately after the war, racing resumed and the Toruń's Motorcycle Club was formed. The current speedway track in Toruń saw its first race in 1950 when races were move from Bema street to the then army stadium at ulica Broniewskiego. At the time,Zbigniew Raniszewski was Toruń's best rider. He died during a match in Vienna in the mid-1950s.
From 1957 the speedway club operated under the Friends of Soldiers League, and one year later Toruń officially raced under the league and won with Unia Leszno. In 1959, the riders from Copernicus's birthplace appeared in the third league placing second to last (7th). In 1960 Toruń was placed in the second league, but the team placed last.
In 1962 was founded a speedway club named Stal Apator Toruń which started his activity in the second league. Important person for Toruń's speedway history, representing the team in the 1960s was Marian Rose - first coach, leading rider and one of the best Polish riders at the time. Under his care budded several talented riders, like Jan Ząbik, Janusz Plewiński, Roman Kościecha or Bogdan  Szuluk. Marian Rose died after a crash during a match in Rzeszów in 1970.
In 1976 the first league was rebuild into ten teams and Toruń receive a promotion. Since that year Toruń always performed in the prime polish league. In their first season in highest league they placed 8th. The team was supported by new riders, like Jerzy Kniaź from Stal Rzeszów or a young talented fighter Kazimierz Araszewicz, who died in that year. First honours came in early 1980s. In 1983 Apator Toruń won their first medal in the league and in 1986 Toruń has reached the top and won their first Polish champion title, overtaking in the table their biggest opponent from neighbourhood, Polonia Bydgoszcz at the very end of the season. Best riders in those years were Wojciech Żabiałowicz, Eugeniusz MIstowski, Grzegorz Śniegowski or Stanisław Miedziński. In the 1990s Apator Toruń was one of the best speedway teams in Poland, winning 7 medals in the league, included their second gold in 1990, won with a huge advantage over opponents, being the youngest team in the league. In the 1990s the team was represented by many brilliant riders, like world champion from Sweden Per Jonsson and Jacek Krzyżaniak, Mirsoław Kowalik, Robert Sawina, Tomasz Bajerski,Mark Loram , Ryan Sullivan or a future star Wiesław Jaguś. Next golden medal was awarded in 2001, when Toruń has in the squad another Swedish world champion Tony Rickardsson, and also Swedish U-21 world champion Andreas Jonsson. Battle over Polish champion title in 2001 lasted to the ending heat of the final match against Atlas Wrocław. Toruń's riders won this heat 5-1 and the crowd became exalted. Two years later another champion, Jason Crump came to Toruń, becoming a new team leader. Other great riders racing for Apator in new Millennium were: Piotr Protasiewicz (brought from Bydgoszcz), Robert Kościecha, Tomasz Chrzanowski, Adrian MIedziński and Karol Ząbik.
 The year 2006 was the beginning of the new era in Toruń's speedway. After Apator's resignation from sponsorship the team was bought by a trader Roman Karkosik and the name was changed to Unibax. After a silver in 2007 the team was pluged with new riders: Hans Andersen and Chris Holder. It results fourth golden medal in Toruń's speedway history after beating the title holders, Unia Leszno, in Speedway Ekstraliga final in October 2008.

Toruń in the 2012 season. : )