Saturday, 16 February 2013

Obout Toruń and area

Yo, my name is Mateusz, i am from Poland.
I want say something about Toruń and area: Toruń is a medium city on the north wetersaid of Wisła, this is the longest river in Poland .Around this city are plains and forests, and some small lakes. On the north are other cityes : Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, on the northwest are Chełmno and Świecie, on west Bydgoszcz, on the south is Inowrocław, on southeast is Włocławek, on northeast are Brondica and Golub-Dobrzyń. Toruń was builded by Crusaders ~700 years ago and we have here more monuments the example: walls and towers, town hall, new and old market, castle in Toruń and area's villages and temples. In Toruń live now 200 000 peoples.On 2nd watersaid we have districkt Podgórz. That was a village who's bought by Toruń. Behind (on south) Podgórz are Puszcza Bydgoska this forest is very long and reaches from Bydgoszcz to Włocławek. In Toruń's part is one of the biggest traverse in Poland, becouse in Toruń is one of the biggest academy of artillery. In Toruń are sport's club's Elana (futball), Unibax (Seedway), Pierniki (basketball). I play basketball in Pierniki Toruń.
i thing "Toruń is beautyfull city".
                                                                                                                Greet, Mateusz S. :)

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