Thursday, 21 February 2013

Łódź, Poland


Łódź is very beautiful city. Łódź is the third city in the country in terms of population registered (725 055 people), and fourth in terms of area (293.25 km ²). Łódź is one of the fastest shrinking Polish cities. In Łódź, there are many interesting old monuments for example :
·        Reinhold Richter's villa
·        Palace of Heinzl
·        Factory Geyer
·        Maurice Poznanski Palace
And much, much more.

In Łódź, Atlas Arena is also where matches are held volleyball, basketball, as well as the concerts. Grandstands can accommodate up to 10.4 thousand people!

Łódź is also a cultural center, full of all kinds of music, theater, literature, art and film. Here is held yearly festivals and dozens. Works here include Theatre. Stefan Jaracz in Łódź, Musical Theatre, drama, children's theater. There is also the Grand Theatre, which is the second largest building of the opera in the country and one of the largest in Europe - more than 1,300 seats. It launched its operations in 1967 and now has a more than 240 premieres. In the current repertoire of the Grand Theatre is located several operas, ballets, operettas - from classical to contemporary works.

In Łódź, there are many sports clubs including :

  • ·        KS Construction Łódź - rugby, volleyball, wrestling, field hockey
  • ·        Bicycle Adventure Łódź Club - Mountain biking
  • ·        Berserkers Team Łódź - bjj, mma, karate
  • ·        WIFAMA Łódź – Volleyball
  • ·        Eagle Łódź – Speedway 
  • and much, much more. 

This is the Łódź late in the evening.

Ola.K    :)

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