Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hello I'm Natalia. 

I would like to describe the plan of a trip to Toruń.
On the first day of our trip, just after the arrival, we will live at the "1231" hotel on Przedzamcze street. There we will eat breakfast. Later we will visit the ruins of the Teutonic Knights castle. Then we will  head towards the Leaning Tower where is a pub now. Next we will visit the Town Hall where we can see all kinds of paintings, armour and old coins. Also we will enter the Town Hall Tower. Later we will go to the "Sfinx" restaurant. There we will eat dinner. Near  the Town Hall is a statue of  Nicholas Copernicus and the Rafter's fountain which we will also watch. Then we will come back to the hotel and from there we will go to the pool. We will come back for a supper in the evening. The next day after breakfast we will go to the  Nicholas Copernicus House. There we will bake gingerbreads. Later we will go to the Horzyca Theater to see a performance. Then we will tour the  "Under Star Tenement House ". There we will see the japanese art. Next we will visit the Ethnographic Museum and ancient huts. After that we will eat dinner in the city. Later we will go to see speedway at the Motoarena. In the afternoon we come back to the hotel for your luggage and we will drive to the airport .


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