Sunday, 24 February 2013

my beautiful city - Thorn

  Hi my name is Oliwia. I live in a beautiful city. Toruń i an amazing and old city. It was setin the 28 th of December 1233 . There and many gothic monuments here. The most famous  the linning  tower ,town hall and saint Johjn's church.
   The linning tower was bulit by one of Teutonic Knights as a punisch for his sins. The town hall was bulit in the centre of the old square. It looks a calendar. The tower is a symbol of one year, four small towers on the corners of the town hall are of the smbol four seasons. Anol he qualintity of windows is the same as the number  of days in a year. The saind John's church is famous for its age becouse it is one the oldest churches in the city. What is more? There is a know bellin the tower of the church. The bell is caled  Tuba Dei and it belongs to the langest bells in the Poland after the Zygmunt's bell in Kraków.
   I am proud that I live in Toruń  becouse its monuments were register on the specjal list of  UNESCO.

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