Sunday, 17 February 2013

Poland :)

   Poland is beautiful country. Is Baltic Sea, many lake (most lake is Śniadrwy Lake), salt-pit on Wieliczka and mountain. In the mountain are beautiful view. The highest peak in the Polish mountains is Rysy (2503 meters above sea level).
   My city is Torun. Torun is  lovely. A lot of tourists come here from all over the world.
They can admire: Nicolaus Copernicus monument, playing and shining fountain, the star of a house and the river Wisła - longest river in Poland.
   Toruń gingerbread legend :
 Long long time ago in Torun live baker. He had daughter Katarzyna. One day baker fall ill. Katarzyna must bake gingerbread. She cut out six circle. When baking cake circle stuck. Katarzyna worried becouse gingerbread failed. They were to be round, and they look like cloud. 

<----------- Photo Katarzynki


Katarzynki are delicious. :)

                                                                                                         Natalia :-) (Ania)

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