Friday, 15 February 2013

Speedway city – Torun
Toruń is speedway city than 1992 year.  Our speedway team name is Unibax Toruń, but for speedway fans is Apator Toruń.  This earned a master's four times.  In Toruń colors in the 2013 season will be ridden:

  • Chris Holder
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • Darcy Ward
  • Adrian Midziński
  • Tomasz Gollob
  • Paweł Przedpełski
  • Emil Pulczyński
  • Kamil Pulczyński
  • Kamil Brzozowski
  • Karol Ząbik
  • Łukasz Przedpełski
  • Oskar Gollob
  • Bartosz Pietrykowski
  • Mateusz Piernikowski
  • Mateusz Kwiatkowski
  • Patryk Rumiński

Of course, not everyone will be ridden in the match, because in match can be ride seven riders with one team. Unibax's treiner is Jan Ząbik. Matches are held on MotoArena in Toruń and in others Polish cities. I go to every match and always fan of Toruń's team. 

Club history is very long. I'll try to write about it in another post. :) 

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